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Come experience Peridance's unparalleled creativity and talent!
Watch extraordinary dance choreographed by Peridance Capezio Center faculty and students.

"With this showcase, Peridance has created a chance to drum up interest in its diverse faculty... 
I found myself with renewed interest in getting to dance class, myself." 
- Rachel Rizzuto/Dance Teacher Magazine
Presented at the Salvatore Capezio Theater at Peridance, the bi-yearly APEX demonstrate the artistry and talent of Peridance Capezio Center's faculty and students, within a vast array of choreographic styles. From Ballet and Contemporary movement to African, Salsa and Hip-Hop! These performances are a major highlight at Peridance, known for their exciting, diverse, and high-caliber quality. The showcases features choreography by esteemed Peridance faculty, who often premier new work and take artistic risks for this show. 
Faculty choreographers set their work on their professional companies, class students and, many times, perform themselves.
The showcase is an exciting opportunity for students and young choreographers, who wish to explore their creativity and present work on a New York stage! This show is curated to reflect and highlight the dynamic, humorous, and diverse array of styles that the Center and its students hone.


APEX Summer 2019 Date

August 31st -September 1st

Application Deadline

June 7th, 2019 

Length of your work​

- Solo (no longer than 5 minutes)

- Duet (no longer than 8 minutes)

- Group (no longer than 8 minutes)

(We may ask participants to reduce the length of their work if it is too long.)

Application fee (Online payment only. Credit Card fee occurs)



*The fee is waived for Peridance faculty members.

If accepted, participation fee (Online payment only. Credit Card fee occurs)

- $80 participation fee 

- $30 for video raw and photos for those who chose to order them

Video Requirements

- All video submissions must be uploaded on either YouTube or Vimeo

- Video must be clean, show how many dancers are in, and show the piece that you will perform.

- Rehearsal footage accepted, performance footage preferred

How do we review the piece?

- Choreography

- Technique

- Style

Processing time for reviewing?

Four to Six weeks

How we send a result?

you will receive an email that includes a link of the Production and Marketing Package.

Are you a Peridance faculty member?

Contact Information

Production Information

Do you use live music?


APEX Application fee

$20(+ $1 credit card fee)*


$ 21
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Contact us anytime with questions at applications@peridance.com or 212-505-0886.