Absolute Beginner

Ages 13+

Whether you are a professional dancer looking for an edge in the next audition, or a dance enthusiast who wants to learn from a pool of world-renowned choreographers, Peridance’s Online Classes provide you with the tools vital for a successful dance career!

Beginner Classes
Find the dancer within you and get into the groove! Each of our Beginner classes are offered on a weekly basis and you can try a variety of styles such as Ballet, Contemporary, and Hip Hop.
All classes are offered online. 

Beginner Classes

Tomoe Carr | Foundations of Hip Hop

Martha Chapman | Ballet​

Martha is a popular teacher at Peridance with over 20 years of experience teaching dancers of all levels. She believes that anyone can dance! Ballet vocabulary is the “alphabet” of Western dance genres, and this 4-session workshop prepares students to join beginning ballet, modern or contemporary dance classes with greater ease.  Each session will teach and review basic ballet barre work and focus on a different aspect of center floor ballet vocabulary.  Dance in your living room – and get ready for the studio! 

Korie Genius | Dancehall

Julia Gleich | Ballet​

Ballet is hard work, but it can also be fun! This is a good class as a refresher, a get-back-in-shape-slowly class, or as a preparation or supplement for beginning dance techniques.
Health and safety requirements for Covid will affect the organization and flow of classes and I will do my best to give a full class while abiding by all the guidelines.

Ahtoy Juliana / BAILA Society | Latin Groove​

Ahtoy has designed this class to provide a fun introduction to New York Style Salsa through learning the interconnected rhythms and techniques of various Latino dance traditions. She will combine key elements of Salsa, Timba, Bachata, Merengue, and Afro-Cuban dance to teach beginners how to groove to today’s popular music. Meanwhile, you will pick up details about how to improve your body movement, alignment, articulation, and most importantly, how to develop your own style. Even though we can’t yet do partnerwork together, Ahtoy will provide a technical foundation for students who want to eventually learn New York Style Salsa partnerwork with BAILA Society at a higher level. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our Salsa community! Let’s groove!

Yuka Kawazu | Ballet

Yuka’s class emphasizes placement, proper classical technique, rhythm and attention to musicality. Students are taught how to improve their instrument through proper barre placement. They are also taught how to move with a strong sense of dynamics. By understanding muscles and placement of their bodies, students refine their technique and learn the subtleties that improve turns, placement, and line.

Sun Kim | Popping​

Sun’s class is all about foundations, basics and different styles in popping. The class starts with isolation warmups and dynamic stretching. After that she goes over how to pop properly first then focus on styles and techniques to train for freestyle and a short choreography of the day.

Anabella Lenzu | Barre a Terre​

Find your inner-strength; develop & improve alignment and technique; explore and learn how to efficiently use your body and your energy in a healthy way as instruments of your expression. Through this class, you can increase flexibility and strength, overcome physical difficulties and incorrect posture, and acquire physical awareness to help prevent injuries. Open to all levels of experience.


LuAnn Leonard | Zena Rommett Floor-Barre®​

Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® is world known and respected in the field of dance and physical therapy. Based on ballet, this gentle yet effective Technique combines ballet with anatomical principles of alignment and kinetic usage, helping to correct alignment, strengthen, lengthen and center the dancers body, creating long beautiful lines. The work is recommended by notable medical practitioners, for both dancers and non dancers, for injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Mark Willis | Limón Technique​

This class explores authenticity in movement using the principles of the José Limón technique. Throughout the class, we will investigate how the use of breath, isolation, opposition, weight, gravity and rhythm can inform and enhance our movement experience. Phrasework, improvisation, and floorwork are used as a part of the exploration process. Emphasis is placed on the application of movement principles to enrich the dancer’s possibilities of movement and quality while using dance as a form of expression.


Marisa Martin | Yoga​​

This Vinyasa-style yoga class is designed to create strength and suppleness in the body, as well as space in the mind. We focus on linking breath with movement, finding supportive alignment, and cultivating a sense of expansion. Students report a large variety of benefits, including improved ease and breadth of movement, strength, and stamina, as well as a greater sense of calm, grounding, and mental clarity. While class is geared towards the physical and emotional needs of dancers, absolutely all are welcome!


Elisabetta Minutoli | Contemporary

Naoko Moriyama Robbins | Gyrokinesis®​

This class is an innovative system of exercise that incorporates other movement principles from Yoga, dance, gymnastics, swimming and Tai Chi. Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® stretch and strengthen muscles while simultaneously stimulating connective tissues in and around the joints of the body by using circularity, spiraling and undulating movement. Educate the body to utilize harmonious movements and cultivate energy flow with synchronized breathing patterns, creating a spherical and three-dimensional awareness.
* Class will require a stool or chair.

Preston Mui | dance.U​

Join Preston Mui every Monday and feed your soul with dance! This 1 hour 15 min dance fitness class is built for all bodies at all levels. Get your body moving and grooving with a pilates and yoga-inspired warm-up followed by a choreographed dance routine each week. dance.U is just for yoU, a space to move, sweat, and dance your truth.

You do not need prior dance experience to join the fun! If you’ve never danced before, you will learn something new and push your own personal boundaries without feeling defeated, and if you are a seasoned dancer, you will find your space to explore at your own pace.

Join Preston and fall in love with dance!

Troy Ogilvie | Emergent Improvisation

Open Emergent Improvisation dances the fractal relationship between self and the world. A fractal relationship acknowledges that, as Adrienne Maree Brown (author of Emergent Strategy) writes, “how we are at the small scale is how we are at the large scale.” One way for large scale change to occur, is to imagine and embody change in the small scale, in our bodies.
What kind of future do we want to live in? Let’s practice it now.
Through an ever-expanding aesthetic lens originally shaped by her work with Sidra Bell, Punchdrunk, Gallim Dance, Susan Misner, and Margie Gillis, Troy facilitates the healing, curious, playful, weird, meditative, joyful, awkward, and cathartic movements that emerge during class – allowing space for digestion, observation, and release.

Caterina Rago | Graham

Rokafella | Classic Hip Hop

Learn the history and technique of the original styles of Hip hop dance (Popping/Breakin/UpRockin/Lockin/ New Jack Swing) that emerged in the late 70’s to late 80’s. Students will be dancing to the music from this era to provide context. These styles are the foundation for today’s trends but also point to the moves that predate Hip hop such as Tap Dance, Capoeira, Salsa and Kung Fu. Students will view dance clips to deepen their understanding of Hip hop as a form of expression. Students must be ready to learn upper body movements as well as floor moves -including some upside down moves too.
Sneakers and comfortable clothing a must.
Hydration is key!

Sue Samuels | Broadway Jazz​

Sue’s classical jazz style emphasizes strong and proper body alignment and clean technique through placement stretch and strength exercises during a jazz barre warm-up. The floor exercises are accompanied by live percussion on Conga Drum. The class continues with jazz isolations and across the floor work on turns, kicks and jumps. With an emphasis on musicality and creating an overall visual picture, the class culminates in a choreographed combination to contemporary dance music, which gets the students dancing and having fun!

Strong technical and theatrical training for Broadway and for dance company work.


Sekou | House​

Sekou’s method focuses on the development of stamina and high-energy movement. He teaches foundation drills designed to help the student evolve and internalize the spirit of House dance.
This is an interactive class. The teacher requires the camera to be on for classroom engagement.

Kathy Sullivan | Ballet

Kathy uses a contemporary approach when teaching the principles of ballet, making them applicable and accessible to all dance styles. This class will focus on strengthening body placement and alignment as well as to investigate weight transfer, musicality, and how to maximize flexibility and rotation. Students will use choreographic elements that challenge the dancers, and allow them to explore personal expression.  Always a lively, inspiring, motivating atmosphere!

Dianna Warren | Ballet​

Dianna likes to focus on truly warming up the body and developing the class as it becomes more supple . Musicality and keeping a positive mental focus are key elements. She believes every dancer, at any level, can improve and grow by working with a teacher who examines their individual needs.
*Students taking her beginner class, should have knowledge of ballet vocabulary and previous class experience.*


Omari Wiles | Afrobeat​

This class is a fusion of different Afrobeat club dance moves from Nigeria, Ghana & South African Pop culture. In this class you will start a stretch and warm up followed by drills isolating the shoulders, hips, and knees. Taking these steps across the floor leading into a class combination.

Ejoe Wilson | House

A slow groove oriented house dance class. Lessons are taught to classic House/Pop/Soul music and will speed up gradually to faster tempo while adding different styles of movement to the house dance form. This is an introduction to basic house steps and movement.

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